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On this page, you'll see every active brand on this site. We usually compare prices from supplement brands and nutrition companies, but you can often find other fitness products and health foods too.

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Statement of Disclosure: Featured Brands

Sponsored Brands pay PricePlow to be featured atop this page, but we only work with brands whose products have been thoroughly analyzed by our team and disclose appropriate ingredient dosages or lab tests (often privately or under NDA). We take manufacturing quality and product efficacy seriously.

We maintain no official relationship with the brands listed under the "Other Popular Brands" and "All Other Brands" sections.

Affiliation with Brands

The vast majority of PricePlow's relationships are with the stores moreso than the brands listed on this page. However, PricePlow does maintain direct affiliation with a handful of brands, which means we receive a commission for generating sales at those brands' websites.

PricePlow only directly affiliates with brands that maintain open formula labels on all of their products. While we are not affiliated with all "open formula" brands, all brands that we are affiliated with must use open formulas.

Statement of Ownership

PricePlow is 100% family owned, and is not owned or operated by any other brand, manufacturer, or supplier.