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This page combines our favorite Hot deals from around the web, hand-selected by the PricePlow team for quality and value!

What makes a hot deal? Read our hot deal criteria below.

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Alpha Prime Supps Pre-Workout RTD Discount
Comment: There's an outside chance this is a mistake on the storefront, but these may also be short-dated pre-workout RTDs available for an incredible deal!
VMI Sports KXR Pre-Workout Discount
Comment: Love us some K-XR!! This is a high-energy pre workout with 400mg caffeine, some choline, and some alpha-yo for quite a fun ride. Just don't expect much in the way of pumps out of it! The Miami Vice flavor is the one to really watch out for!!
Muscle Elements 212° Discount
Comment: This is for the delicious *powdered* version of the popular 212° fat burner by Muscle Elements - this sale puts it at nearly half off!

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What Makes a Hot Deal?

We're picky about our hot deals. Here's how we decide:

Some General Rules

  • Good products only

    The product must be at least decent. It might not be our favorite, or have the cleanest profile, but it can't be a bad product, or one from a brand we don't trust.

  • Exceptions: Highly trusted, national brands

    Those of you who know us from our YouTube channel know that we're pretty stubborn. But there are exceptions to the list below...

    For instance, if a brand like Optimum Nutrition, a major leader in protein, has a deal that's close to our thresholds, we'll probably put it up there. We trust them, and you typically don't see much variation on their prices.

Rules based upon product category:

  1. Protein: $7.50/lb of decent quality protein

    Right now, the going retail rate is almost always over $10/lb of protein. So when we find it for less than $7.50, it's a hot deal.

    However, a pound of protein isn't always a pound of protein. If we see that there's a ton of sugar or other carbs added to the mix, we'll either ignore the product or increase our scrutiny.

    If you learn just one thing from this page, it is this: NEVER pay retail for protein!! These deals come up more often than you'd think, so be patient!

    What about amino acid spiking?

    Furthermore, some brands engage in a practice known as "amino acid spiking". This means that you might not be getting as much actual dietary protein as you think, since they are adding extra cheap amino acids (usually taurine, glycine, glutamine, and creatine) but adding those to the protein number.

    If we see this, we'll warn you, and if it looks bad, it won't end up on this page (nor will it end up anywhere on the top of our protein powder category lists).

  2. Unflavored Creatine: 5 cents a day ($0.01 per gram of creatine)

    Creatine is crazy cheap anymore. When it comes to our dealspotting, 5 cents per day ($10 for 1000g) is where we get interested.

    If it's a product that has flavoring and extra goodies, we'll raise this threshold, but since creatine is so cheap, we're definitely not into the creatines that cost you in the upwards of $0.50/day. That's wasted money for anyone on a budget.

  3. Pre Workouts: $0.50 per solid workout

    Pre workout supplements are all over the map when it comes to pricing. For some products, 1 scoop is really all you need. For others, you need "3 servings" to feel anything.

    We don't believe in ever spending more than a dollar to get you going for a workout. So when it comes to the hot deals page, it's got to be a strong workout at half that cost, on sale from its regular deal.

  4. Protein Bars: $1.00/bar

    Most protein bars are glorified crap, so keep that in mind. You're typically going to see bars from $2-3.

    To make it onto this page, it needs to have at least 15g protein (but preferably over 20g), and cost under a dollar per bar. Even then you should look at the ingredients and macros and decide if it makes sense.

  5. RTD Protein Shakes: $1.00/shake

    Much like protein bars, these are typically tubs of junk, but they're handy to have around when you get them cheap enough. $1.00 each will start to get our attention.

  6. Multivitamins: Case by Case Basis

    It's too hard to say what will make it as a hot deal for a multivitamin, mainly because they differ so much from each other, and so many of them are weak and underdosed.

    In this case, we'll just be looking out for a crazy price drop where one store has a far lesser price than its competitors. We'll then look at the ingredient profile and determine if it looks like anything special.

    We'd like to keep it under $0.20/day or so to be a hot deal here.

  7. Intra-Workout Supplements / BCAA Powders: $0.50/workout

    We love intra workouts, and we review them frequently on our YouTube channel. That said, we're the first to admit that they're not first-tier supplements, and they're not worth buying if you're on a budget. They're also not necessary for most typical weightlifters.

    So we are pricing these at roughly $0.50/serving for a flavored BCAA supplement. After checking deals for a few weeks, we have not had many of these deals come by, but we're sticking to the price for now. You shouldn't have to pay $1.00 to stay "hydrated" during a workout. $0.67-$0.75/workout is normal... so $0.50/workout is our hot deal threshold.

  8. Glutamine: $Joke

    Glutamine is next to useless. 1000g at $2.00 might capture our attention.

  9. Fat Burners and Thermogenics: $0.25/capsule / $0.50/serving

    Like pre workouts, this one is tough because the strengths and dosages required varies.

    In general, when we see a 60 capsules for $15, that's starting to look like a good deal. But it depends on the serving size and what's inside, so we'll explain ourselves when we add one of these.

  10. Fish Oil Softgels and other Essential Fatty Acids: ~$0.33/g DHA

    This is a tough one, but when it comes to fish oil, we're most interested in the DHA content, followed by the EPA content.

    At around $0.33 per gram of DHA, you'll start getting our attention. This may go up or down depending on the rest of the formula, such as a product with a lot of EPA in it as well.

  11. Liquid Essential Fatty Acids: $1.00/oz

    When it comes to the liquid fish oils and other EFAs, $1/oz seems to be the best cutoff.

    We're not major fans of these oils because they typically taste awful, and if you find a hot deal, there's a good chance it's expiring soon, which means it might go rancid sooner than you like.

  12. Snacks and other such nonsense: ~$1.00

    As we write this, there is a $0.95 bag of trail mix available at a store right now. We're not going to tell you to go get it all on its own, but if you're already buying from that store, you might as well toss a few of these in.

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