Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning (by Andy)

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Stacks. Among the fitness circle the term stack exists as a buzzword meant to describe the act of taking two or more supplements at once. On websites and forums everywhere every fitness enthusiast is talking about stacks. The term has gained so much traction and is now being used to describe a mixture of a wide range of supplements but in order to understand how to build a stack you need to understand the purpose behind it. Building a true stack requires identifying two ingredients, or supplements, that when taken together offer more than they do when alone. Two supplements that when combined form something greater than the sum of their parts. Synergy.

Understanding this concept is how I found myself building my latest stack. From the second that I heard about PES High Volume I knew that I was going to purchase it. I had taken many pre-workouts but I had never taken a product designed solely for pumps. The pumps that High Volume gave me were probably the best that I have ever experienced but with each workout I felt something missing. I missed the adrenaline rush on the way to the gym, the flush and the tingles, and the tapping of my feet between my sets. High Volume brought the thunder but I still needed the lightning. The search for lightning brought me to RSP Nutrition’s DyNO which was dubbed as an explosive pre-workout and certainly did not disappoint. It packed 400 mg of caffeine in a single scoop along with 2000 mg of beta alanine and 75 mg of niacin.

Combining these two products led to some of the best workouts that I have ever had. DyNO brought the energy, the tingles, the feeling of fire behind the eyes. High Volume brought the pumps, the endurance, and the ability to squeeze out those last few reps. DyNO and High Volume is a real stack. Two supplements that function good when taken alone but after experiencing them together you will never have one without the other.

Goal: Build Muscle




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