The Myokem Mass Stack

The Myokem Mass Stack (by Mike at PricePlow)

Author's Description:

Myokem is the top new supplement brand in 2014 - their products are as legit as they are intense.

We talked to Brandon, their CEO, and asked for his recommendations to stack alongside his epic Nitramine pre workout and Magnitropin anabolic for maximum gains.

The Myokem Mass Stack Details:

  • Muscle Builder / Anabolic: Magnitropin. Holy crap is this stuff amazing. Check out Mick's full log and before/after pics (he gained 9 lbs in a month!) on our Magnitropin Review.

  • Pre-Workout: Nitramine. The focus-based supplement that started it all for Myokem, and currently #2 on our Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements List.*

  • Protein: PES Select Protein. Incredibly clean yet delicious protein. This stuff is all over the place in our Best Protein Powder Buyer's Guide because it's both low-carb and low-fat.

  • Fish Oil: Nordic Naturals EPA Xtra. EPA is one of the fatty acids most important in a fish oil, and Nordic is known for extremely high quality.
  • Joint Support: Zyflamend - A great mixture of various anti-inflammatory herbs.

If you're planning on bulking up, we couldn't agree with this stack any more. Obviously, eat big and train hard, but the two Myokem products will knock your socks off!

*Note: Free Samples of Nitramine are provided via our free supplement samples guide.

Goal: Build Muscle




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