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The Best of Stack3d Stack (by Mike at PricePlow)

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The Stack3d Stack

Stack3d Supplement News

This stack is taken from the current best products on's Top Rankings List.

We used the best one from each category, but there are three notable changes:

  1. Myokem's Magnitropin has been used instead of American Muscle's MuscleTest for the muscle-builder.

    Reason being, it's currently $105, there's only one left in stock, and that's just a bit excessive.

  2. Dedicated Nutrition's Unstoppable has been replaced by ANS Ritual.

    This is due to Unstoppable not being available (yet) in the US, which is where all of PricePlow's stores are. That product is epic, though (see our review linked above).

  3. Omega Sports Burn 24 has replaced Grenade Thermo-Detonator.

    This is due to not wanting to mix a stim-based pre workout and a stim-based fat burner, and Burn 24 is both Stack3d's and PricePlow's top stim-free fat burner.

Stack3d is the #1 supplement news site, and has fair and balanced reviews that are only written after a real month of product use.

Goal: Build Muscle




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