Mike's Simple Joint Supplement Stack

Mike's Simple Joint Supplement Stack (by Mike at PricePlow)

Author's Description:

This is a two-month supply of the most effective and simple joint supplement stack I've had. Take it alongside your favorite fish oil (I like a high DHA one) or just eat lots of fish.

  • Curcumin has a massive number of benefits to it, most of them anti-inflammatory. This has been the best thing that's ever happened to my shoulder since discovering ART.

    The problem with curcumin is that it's not very bioavailable, so it needs some "help" to get activated. Piperine (black pepper extract) is one additive, but I am liking Phytosome better.

  • UC-II is undenatured type-II collagen, derived from chicken sternum cartilage. I've found that this makes my knee feel a whole lot better when I take it.

    UC-II takes about a month to kick in. After I stopped taking it, my knee started feeling "wonky" when putting weight on it within about a week. So I'm now hooked on this stuff!


  • One cap, once a day, with food. You can double the dosage if you have some aggressive events coming up.
  • Don't forget to take your fish oil and keep omega-3 intake high!

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