Brand Marketing for Nutrition Products

You make great products. We make powerful websites and content.

Let's join forces.

In this industry, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

Nutrition companies are typically great at formulating unique products and marketing them via social media and print magazines. But challenges arise with the other important aspects of online marketing, such as:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Custom web technology
  • Online sales tracking

That's where the PricePlow network comes in. Our strengths cover the above weaknesses. With our forces combined, we can create a total online marketing solution for your brand's top products.

A quick disclaimer

While PricePlow contains any number of products, we only go out of our way to promote the ones we truly believe in and enjoy using. Please keep this in mind if you would like us to feature one of your products - it must pass our tests for quality, ethics, and value.

Our Services

The PricePlow network is able to support a myriad of services, from simple supplement reviews to entire website development:

E-commerce / retailer integration for your site

If you don't have an e-commerce / fulfillment platform on your website, don't fret. We can embed our tools onto your site so that your visitors always have a great deal to go to.

PricePlow ensures that users only see stores where your products are in stock and available - no broken links ever.

Avoid Dead Ends

Incentivize your users with an advanced e-commerce embed widget.

An advanced e-commerce embed widget
with email incentivization.

It is extremely detrimental to have users to come to your site and click the back button because there is nowhere to go next. Search engines immediately lower the rankings of "dead ends" like this due to the high bounce rate.

When your visitors see the deals PricePlow has found, your visitors will only want to go forward, not back.

Another marketing avenue

In addition, this is an avenue for gathering highly-targeted emails: users can sign up for price drop alerts through PricePlow, which will enter the email into your list as well.

Free Sample Support

PricePlow now offers the technology to get you something in return for those free sample offerings. Our system will help grow both your social media followings and your email marketing lists.

How it works:

In order for the user to see the free sample form, they must first:

  • Like or Follow your brand on Facebook or Twitter (optional)

  • Share or Tweet the free sample offer (on Facebook or Twitter) (optional)

We will then get their name and email address, and insert their email into your newsletter, as well as our price alert system for your brand's products. This provides several avenues to make sure those free samples work for you, and forces the user to "buy in" instead of just "freeloading".

At the end of each day, we'll send your shipping team a CSV file of your free sample "orders", and you can fulfill them via USPS.

Your offer will get listed on our popular Free Supplement Samples page as well.


See our NutraBio Super Carb Free Sample page for an example.

Tech Requirements:

We can currently work with your MailChimp or Constant Contact email list, but can easily add others such as AWeber when required.


This is an extremely low-cost solution, since we both benefit from it. It is typically paired with our content marketing packages. Contact us us to discuss.

Microsites - Our featured service

A microsite is a low-cost, content-based website that is usually designed for a single product. On each site, we slowly build out everything a user needs to know about your product, so they hear it from you first.

If you're not sure what to do with your product's domain names, this is the solution.

Features for each site

  • Email list expansion

    Site can get you targeted email addresses in several ways:

    One of our example microsites

    A featured microsite. Click the image to zoom in.

    • Price alert requests
    • Free sample forms
    • Contests
    • Standard form submissions
  • Social media integration

    Our tools enable you to require visitors to like, follow, share, and/or retweet your brand in exchange for a free sample or a contest entry. This can work alongside our email acquisition technology.

  • Skilled copywriting with content roadmap

    We start by writing and video-blogging about your product so that prospective customers get the information they need from a trusted source.

    Over time, we slowly build up the site's "authority" with additional content so that we can target more aggressive keywords and audiences.

    There are no shortcuts to this process. It takes time and you must be in it for the long-haul!

  • Modern, Mobile-Friendly / Responsive Designs

    Our team takes design seriously. You can no longer afford to ignore the mobile audience.

    Contact us for an example of our most recent work.

  • Advanced review platform

    Users can leave reviews for each product, which gets shared via the star ratings on popular search engines, including Google.

  • High-converting sales technology and tracking

    Each microsite will use PricePlow's price comparisons enabling your customers to get the best deals possible on your products.

    Our price widgets boost sales conversions and customer confidence. With all prices displayed, there's less reason for users to click the back button and get distracted elsewhere on the web.

    We will provide you a monthly sales report.

  • Free maintenance

    Site maintenance and security patching is bundled with the content roadmap. As long as we're keeping the site fresh, we'll be keeping it secure and responsive.


To see a recent microsite example, please contact us. There is also an image above.


With the help of the PricePlow sales tools, we're able to keep the site's costs extremely low. Prices are primarily driven by content depth and design customization. Contact us for a quotation.


As we write this, PricePlow has over 15,000 products on it. We're willing to say that the copy on nearly 98% of them is just flat-out terrible.

We write science-backed copy with sources cited, but in a way that motivates your users in language they can understand.


For a quick product example written in our voice, look no further than our ANS Ritual write-up.

For a more technical document, see our Rhodiola Rosea page.

Writing good copy is tough, and you're busy with other things. Allow us to handle this one.

The featured products on PricePlow's homepage are typically reserved for our hot deals and for brands that work with us in any of the above capacities.

However, if you have a new product that we're also excited about, we are willing to feature it on the homepage and/or various category pages.

Additional Advertising

PricePlow will never litter the site or blog with too many banner ads. We allow one featured brand per month, which will get them some additional blog posts and product ingredient analyses.


We are willing to combine the services above with contests through our social userbase and email list.

We also have a popular contests section on our blog that can be used to boost your newsletter numbers

Supplement Reviews

We do not accept money for reviews. However, we will gladly review a tub of your product from a sealed production run and provide honest feedback.

The review will be placed onto our YouTube channel, added to our blog, and the video will be embedded onto your product description page on PricePlow.

Emergency Technology Support

Nutrition is our passion, but make no mistake - we're techies at heart.

If you have any type of technical crisis, contact us and we'll see if we can get you patched up or find you someone affordable who won't rip you off.

We deeply understand a myriad of technology platforms, but if we don't work with yours, we still know how to find talent who does.


No matter what you need, we're excited to be your technical web resource. Contact us today and let's get on the phone.

PricePlow: We do the work, you do the Workouts.™